Friday, September 15, 2023

IMATYC Agenda 2023

The IMATYC Agenda is ready for viewing! The room numbers are located in our Rural Health Education Center where we will hold all sessions. 

Time                Activity                                                                                       Location
8:30                 Registration and Breakfast                                                               108

9:00                 Welcome and Opening Remarks
                        Craig Leager, Executive Dean, Instruction

9:10                 Sarah Dias, Iowa Faculty Development 

9:30                 Kelly Friesleben, Iowa DOE Information and Updates

10:15               Kathy Rogotzke, AMTE (Association for Mathematics
                        Teacher Educators)

10:30               Kathy Rogotzke & John Hansen, IHEMTAC (Iowa 
                        Higher Education Mathematics Transition Advisory 

11:00               Session 1
                        Option a: Online Teaching Practices for Elementary                       110
                        Carl Lund, Iowa Lakes Community College

                        Option b: The Post-Pandemic Classroom                                        111
                        Roundtable Facilitator

12:00               IMATYC Business Meeting and Lunch                                            108

1:00                 Session 2
                        Option a: MyOpenMath                                                                    110
                        Brian Abbott, Eastern Iowa Community College

                        Option b: ELA Math Vocab/Usage                                                    111
                        Curtis Mitchell, Kirkwood Community College

2:00                 Session 3
                        Option a: Successes with Concurrent Enrollment                            110
                        Concurrent Enrollment Panel

                        Option b: Connecting Industry to Mathematics Instruction               111
                        Jay Martin, Wake Technical Community College

3:00                Wrap up and Final Comments                                                           108

Concurrent Session Descriptions

1a. Online Teaching Practices for Math for Elementary Teachers

Carl Lund, Iowa Lakes Community College

Elementary education majors sometimes have math anxiety or other negative attitudes towards math. Additionally, many learners prefer learning math in-person rather than online. This session will explore instructional practices that can help to scaffold online mathematics learning for prospective elementary educators, focusing on the course “Math for Elementary Teachers.” However, some of the practices described may be applicable to other online students, particularly those with negative attitudes toward mathematics.

1b. The Post-Pandemic Classroom

Roundtable Facilitator

Join us for a discussion regarding the issues that have been plaguing us since the onset of COVID. Topics may include the handling of online testing/proctoring, the impact of applications like Photomath, increased absenteeism, and other relevant matters.

2a. MyOpenMath

Brian Abbott, Eastern Iowa Community College

This session offers a free alternative to online math homework, pairing free online math homework with OER textbooks to create zero materials cost classes.

2b. ELA Math Vocab/Usage

Curtis Mitchell, Kirkwood Community College

Since 2017, Kirkwood has offered a 1-credit “ELA Math Vocabulary and Usage” course for students whose past math coursework was in a language other than English. This talk will cover how the course was designed and has evolved, things I’ve learned from teaching it, suggestions for working with students transitioning to English-language math courses, and resources I can share, with plenty of room for questions!

3a. Successes with Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment Panel

Sometimes being in a partnership can be difficult. What are we doing to build better relationships with our unseen team members? How can we collaborate to create equivalent courses while residing in different locations? Join us in sharing insights on working together to build relevant courses for multiple environments. Come prepared to share your concurrent enrollment victories with your colleagues.

3b. Connecting Industry to Mathematics Instruction

Jay Martin, Wake Technical Community College

Industry inspired lessons will be demonstrated and explored by participants. STEM lessons include an industry Launch video embedded in a Desmos activity, a student sheet posing industry tasks, and analysis questions that require student discussion and presentation. Math topics applied in the industry tasks range from composition of functions, right triangle and oblique triangle trigonometry, and introductory statistics. The materials presented are a result of a three-year NSF-ATE grant collaboration project. 

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