Sunday, September 1, 2013

Conference Tentative Schedule

IMATYC Conference Schedule
Friday, October 10th

IMATYC Conference Agenda
October 10, 2014
3116 Linn Hall
 Kirkwood Community College
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

8:15-9:00              Registration
                                Continental Breakfast
9:00-9:15              Welcome
                                Bill Lamb, Vice President

9:15-10:15           Common Core Discussion in 3116 Linn Hall

10:15-10:30         Break

10:30-11:30         Break-out Sessions
IPADs in the College Classroom
Smart phones, tablets, IPods, computers--college students live and breathe technology.  Why not meet your students in their comfort zone?  IPads are a great way to get students engaged in their own learning experience.  For instructors, IPads can enhance teaching, create an easier and more interactive way to grade assignments, and makes communicating with students a snap.

Jennifer Bishop
Kirkwood Community College

Project-Based Teaching Made Easy with Interactive Datasets
If you discuss data in your classroom, this Excel-powered Database Generator will help you use time effectively with interactive datasets, facilitate learning statistical concepts, and create classroom materials.

Andrei Perkhounkov
Kirkwood Community College

                        Learning Anytime, Anywhere
                                    Kelsey Poor
Hawkes Learning Systems

11:30-12:45         Lunch and Business Meeting

12:45-1:45           Break-out Sessions
Developmental Math Discussion

Curtis Mitchell
Kirkwood Community College

What’s New with the TI-84 Color Graphing Calculator?
This presentation is for you if you haven’t picked up the latest version of the TI-84 family.  Students may be doing things with it that you didn’t even know possible.
If time permits, we will discuss the some IPAD apps as well.  Please bring ideas of IPAD apps that you find useful for the classroom.

Kory Swart
Kirkwood Community College

1:45-2:00              Break and Transition to Jones Hall

2:00-3:00              Wind Turbine Presentation in Jones Hall

                                David Bennett
                                Kirkwood Community College

3:00-3:15              Conclusion

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